HOA Services

The enrichment of community life requires a balance of responsible management and a connection to the community and its members. Few management companies understand this balance, but you will see put into place every day as part of our community association management services.

We provide a customized set of capabilities covering the administrative, maintenance and fiscal aspects of maintaining a successful community that is operating at peak potential. In addition, we encourage and support environmentally friendly management and maintenance practices to conserve resources, which results in a better environment and cost savings for the associations we manage. Our services include:

•Communication tools that connect members to upcoming community association activities, community guidelines, financial operations and the essential components and importance of rules enforcement.

•Effective management support and education of Board Members through direct communication, educational board orientations and best practices to adapt to Civil Code changes and CID industry trends.

•Strong fiscal management that begins with a detailed budget to insure the most economic benefit for the association and provides for accurate monthly statements, timely accounts payable and effective collection of dues.

•Maintenance programs that enhance the value, physical appearance and condition of the community’s assets while being responsive to specific work requests.

•Administrative services essential to Annual and Board Meeting planning and scheduling, preparation of agendas, reports and documents, maintaining minute books and members' records.

When choosing Sheraton, your community receives implementation of best management practices designed to support your community goals and objectives and a long-term partnership with local owners and Sheraton's Management team members who are deeply committed to your continued success.

To find out more about what we can do for you, request a proposal or contact us.